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 Let Go


If you’ve ever tried to hold something in your hand for a long time, even something very light, you notice eventually that begins to feel heavier and heavier. Your strength fades as the pain of keeping your grip sets in. Maybe you’ve experienced as you’ve carried in groceries. Maybe it happened when you were carting around a child and all their associated bags and accessories. Maybe it was on an American Ninja Warrior course, and if that’s the case, I’d love to hear about it. Regardless, at some point, you’ve probably found that your grip was not strong enough to last forever, and weariness set in.


That’s also true for some of the troubles that we hold. Over time, we find these hurts and hang-ups aren’t just too much for us to carry, but they begin to develop a grip on us, as well. These things hold us back, and keep us from experiencing greater peace, and a fuller life. This August, we’re going to see how our life in Christ gives us the tools to release our grip on things like excuses, fear and bitterness, and how Jesus causes those struggles to lose their grip on us, as well. 

- August 11th Let Go: Of Excuses from John 5:1-13

- August 18th Let Go: Of Fear from 1 John 4:11-20

- August 25th Let Go: Of Bitterness from Ephesians 4:29-32

Please join us throughout the month of August, and experience greater peace and freedom through letting go! 

     Yours in Christ,

     Pastor Grant Armstrong




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