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Right Side Up


I don’t know about you, but back to school time puts our lives in a relative state of chaos for a short while. With new schools, schedules, clubs, activities and things for me to remember in order to help with homework, it’s fairly easy for me to get disoriented. Sometimes I feel a little like some of the things crammed in our kids backpacks. Although everything is in there, the sheer volume adds to some wear-and-tear. 

In these times when things get busy and challenging, I appreciate having a solid anchor and foundation. It's helpful to have a compass that points to true north so, no matter what gets overturned and upset around us, we can still find our way.


That's why, for the month of September, we’re going to travel together to a Galilean hillside some 2000 years ago to revisit a sermon that took the world’s upside-down values and flipped them right-side-up. We can imagine the scent of fresh sea air and grassy hills. We can hear the sound of waves lapping up against the shore and the boats of local fishermen. We can feel the hot breeze blowing across our faces while we listen to the challenging words of Jesus as He reminds His anxious followers then and now about our absolute reliance upon God.


It’s a message that has resonated with Christians through the ages and around the world. Jesus' words humble us and confirm in us that, no matter what may seem to separate us, we are ultimately united by our shared need for a grace that forgives and transforms. The words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount are designed to agitate and elevate each one of us. No matter how often we encounter this foundational teaching, we are stirred by Jesus definitions of happiness, blessing, holiness, giving, prayer, sacrifice, judgement, forgiveness and obedience.


September 1: Happy/Blessed from Matthew 5:1-16
September 8: Law Bar of Clearance from Matthew 5:17-48
September 15: Paid in Full from Matthew 6:1-18
September 22: Real Rewards from Matthew 6:19-34
September 29: True or False from Matthew 7 


If your life may be feeling a little upside-down, you're invited to come and worship as we spend time letting Jesus put our lives Right Side Up.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Grant




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