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Lessons in Courageous Faith from the Book of Daniel

From the moment He was born, Jesus was chased and threatened around nearly every corner. It was difficult for Christian people to live their faith from the very start. We see instances today where faith is falling out of fashion in some cases, or facing harsh persecution in others. Whether it’s from powers of government, work, school, or other forces, there are several things that make it feel difficult to openly live out a Christian faith. Many churches in the U.S. sit nearly empty on Sunday mornings. People have forgotten how to pray. And from time to time, Christian people trade the calling to share the grace of Jesus Christ in exchange for some cultural comforts.

People of faith have faced times like these before. Throughout July, we're going to spend time with a bold man of God named Daniel. The faith of Daniel and his friends brought them to stand for God before royalty, in a flaming furnace, and in a den of lions. Their situations were hard, but theirs was a faith that stayed steadfast, no matter what tried to keep them from serving their God. Through their stories, we get to remember how to become more steadfast in our praise, prayer and compassion when the world seems to be winning people away from faith.

What will have the power to keep you from worship this July? If you want to experience a more courageous faith, you won't want to miss this message series called "Against the Grain," starting the weekend of July 7, 2019. You're invited! 

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Grant



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