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june sermon series: "Low Battery


There are all sorts of reasons I’ve encountered the dreaded red-line of battery life on my cellular device. Early smart-phones could afford about 3 hours of life between charge, even in regions with cell-towers to spare. Overly-eager users like me had a learning curve to discover that having too many apps or functions open at once tends to be a bit of a drain, also. It was a few years ago when my smart-phone, which wasn’t all that old in relative terms, started to show some fatigue. One of the major signs was its complete inability to hold a charge. If I could get an hour out of the thing, it was nearly miraculous, and because the convenience of all of this technology was intended to be the portability of communication, leaving the thing plugged in all the time didn’t seem like the best solution, either. I had to break down and buy one of those external batteries for the phone (or a cell-ostomy, as I like to call it). After a while, to resolve my first-world-problem frustration, I was given the opportunity to replace the phone with a newer model that has the kind of battery life you’d write home about.

I don’t know about you, but as I enter into summer of 2019, I feel like my battery is a little drained. I feel like I’ve had too many apps open. I get a sense that as another year goes by, some degree of physical and mental agility has gone along with it. I occasionally lean a little too much on coffee or Diet Coke to see me through to the end of the day. In short, I sometimes feel tired. How about you?

Throughout June, we’re going to spend time looking at what it means to recharge. In Psalm 62, a great passage of praise from someone whose battery is drained, we read, “God has spoken plainly, and I have heard it many times: Power, O God, belongs to you…” Yet, so often during the summer, we step away from the One who can recharge us - the only One who can truly fill us up with new life, breath and fire.

If you want to get serious about recharging your batteries this summer, you’re invited to worship the God who calls us to come to Him, take time, be still, receive care, and plug in to regain our strength.  

Sunday, June 2: Come Close from Matthew 11: 28-30
Sunday, June 9: Take Time from Mark 2:23-28
Sunday, June 16: Be Still from Psalm 46:1-11 and Mark 4:35-41
Sunday, June 23: Receive Care from 1 Kings 19:3-9
Sunday, June 30: Plug In from Acts 1:1-11

If you’re tired of being tired, make worship a part of your summer self-care. It’s time to recharge! 

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Grant


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