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What is a MIRACLE? We hear that term used so frequently to describe things like a sunrise or the birth of a child. But how did the followers of Jesus understand that word when He was walking the earth?

Sometimes I hear very smart, and even well intentioned people trying to describe MIRACLES in the Bible like this: “Well, they didn’t have science to explain things that happened then, so they just said ‘God did it.’ If they understood things like we do now, then they wouldn’t have called it a MIRACLE. They’d call it medicine, or meteorology, or something like that.”


Are MIRACLES only natural things that are easily explained - maybe even recreated - if we’re just smart and well-resourced enough to understand and access these things? There’s nothing wrong with understanding, or discovering new ways that lives can be improved through deepening knowledge. Still, is God only going to wait around for a naturally occurring phenomenon to set the oppressed captives free? Does Jesus only offer sight to those who are wealthy enough to afford the glasses, contacts, or surgery? Or can God do something unique and unexpected? Is the Lord able to work in ways that we can’t understand to bring people into a trusting relationship built on faith? If it comes down to a character question, is God willing to save folks who cannot save themselves?


As we enter the season of Lent, we’re going to hang out with Jesus through some of His most amazing acts on the earth. We’ll follow the journey of these signs and wonders as they lead us to the incredible MIRACLE of Easter and the resurrection. If you’ve ever experienced or prayed for a MIRACLE, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear how God uses these powerful acts to draw people to salvation.

You’re invited to experience Lent through a miraculous lens this year.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Grant


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